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Sderot is town in Israel, located less than a mile from Gaza (the closest point is 840 m). The population is around 22,000 with people mainly from Morocco, the former Soviet Union, and Kurdistan.

Transportation links with the center of Israel are good, and although employment opportunities are not very extensive in the town itself, there is a well-established arts and further education college.

Sderot is only 40 kms from Beer Sheba which has an excellent university, hi tech parks, and a teaching hospital.

Because of its proximity to Gaza, recent years have seen major disruption with many residents having to leave for periods during hostilities. There are many third sector organizations but coordination and collaboration are low.

BTF in Sderot

Program Overview


2015 – 2018.

Intervention Type:


Main Programs:

Capacity building, developing partnerships, tourism, demographic growth.

Intervention Method:

  • Mentoring activists and community workers.

  • Building local capacities for maintaining change.

  • Partnership development between residents, city council, national government & the 3rd sector.


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